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This project is carried out in order to offer an excellent product attached to good quality image design presentation and above all good attention to different consumers since our success depends on them. It is also carried out in order to present new trends which can go according to the style of the moment and the personality of each one of the people who consume the product or acquire it with the aim of knowing the quality and creativity that we will use to create each accessory will be unique since we will take into account the trend and especially the combination for the different styles that we have today. With our products we meet a need for satisfaction, allowing families to obtain free interaction, making the most of each item with the peace of mind that they are made with ecological raw materials and with the best quality standards.Read more
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    Biodegradable Material

    This can be broken down by the action of microorganisms in a short period, thus transforming into nutrients, carbon dioxide, biomass and water.

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    Keeps family healthy

    Always have fresher food on hand for your family grown by yourself

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    Always Fresh

    With a water processing programmed and controlled by you, always keep all your food fresh. Thanks to our accessories

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With our products, supplying a need is our objective and our only mission.



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This project is carried out in order to offer an excellent product attached to good quality.

Quality & Safety

Maintain a safe environment with our biodegradable products without toxic substances.


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Health & Well-being

Keep your freshest foods on hand to keep your family healthy.

Home Recipes

Take home some of the recommended recipes

Salad with boiled egg

ensalada de huevo


2 eggs
400g of wild asparagus
Assorted lettuces
1 cucumber
Cherry tomatoes
Green olives
Extra virgin olive oil

Full Recipe Here

Italian panzanella


150g of red tomato,
150g of yellow tomato,
1-pear tomato,
1-purple onion,
75g croutons
1-clove garlic,
45ml olive oil,
20ml of Modena vinegar, salt,
fresh basil and half an avocado.

Full Recipe Here

Strawberry milkshake


1 Can Evaporated Milk CARNATION® CLAVEL®
1 Cup Strawberry clean
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
1/2 Can Condensed Milk LA LECHERA®

Full Recipe Here

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